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Remote Video Surveillance Through Internet by cell
See your security cameras with a cell phone or Internet tablet
Configuring IP cameras or DVR security through smartphones. IP configuration for display or DVR in Iphone or Ipad, Android OS Phones cameras, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Phones with Windows Phone



on security cameras (IP cameras, CCTV or DVR), check your home or business from anywhere in the world via the Internet or 3G Mobile Phone. IP or CCTV cameras with DVRs are now compatible with most phones last generation. Security Camera with Iphone, IP cameras Blackberry, or phones with operating systems such as Symbian, Windows Phone or Android can now display the IP or CCTV cameras with DVR from the Internet. Listen to what happens in your business, home, office or company with your cell phone or tablet via the Internet. We have powered microphones that make the sound clear and understandable. System applicable to:. Customer service desks tickets, babysitters to care babies, domestic staff aged care Whatever your rubrotenemos a video surveillance system with IP or CCTV cameras with DVR so you can sleep atnight knowing that a team monitors its facilities. In addition you can also use security cameras to add value to your company, offering customers the chance to see live facilities.


CCTV enables you to intimidate the thieves;

  • CCTV enables you to visualize multiple remote locations within the premises of your property;
  • CCTV enables you to monitor the entire premises from a control room that is absolutely safe;
  • CCTV collects substantial proof that helps the police in finding the culprit.

It may be in your interest to know that with Monster CCTV, a number of signage will also be exhibited at different places in the premises of your building to inform the criminals of CCTV coverage which are primarily to intimidate such vandals and force them to stay out of your property. It is highly unlikely that a burglar would take the risk of entering your house or office knowing that a video of him is being recorded. This is how your building is kept secured against all such intrusions.