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We provide the Full Service from Gate Repairs and Intercom Repairs to Gate Alarms and Advanced Gate Locks and Mechanisms.

In today’s environment your front gates are you primary security barrier and you will need to repair them from time to time. When they do fail you will need to get the gate repairs done quickly and hassle free so that you property is secure once again. We hold a large range of spare for all the electric gate motors. It is our goal to have your gates up and running as fast as possible and we have the highest rate of first time fixes for all the gate repairs we attend to.

If you need a new gate motor installed we can advise you which gate motors are best suited to your gate and we will provide you best cost effective solution for you gates.

Our services include:

Installation, repairs and servicing of CENTURION , ET, DACE gate motors and intercom systems. We will refurbish motors, do upgrades and supply remote controls. We work on both swing and slide gates. We use only the best products on the market. We will also change your motor to a battery backup system to ensure that your gate will operate during a power failure.

Popular gate motors include:

  • CENTURION Gate Automation

  • Centurion D2 Sliding Gate Motor
  • Centurion D3 Sliding Gate Motor
  • Centurion D5 EVO Sliding Gate Motor
  • Centurion D10 Sliding Gate Motor
  • Centurion A10 Sliding Gate Motor
  • Centurion Vector 2 Swing Gate Motor
  • Centurion D5 Slide Gate Motor
  • Centurion Vector Swing Gate Motor
  • ET Gate Automation

  • Umpetha 24Vdc / Domestic
  • ET 500 Plus ACDC / Complex
  • ET 500 Plus12V / DOMESTIC
  • ET 1000 / 220V ac
  • Axis Rotary Swing Gate Motor
  • ET 90 Blue Plus / 24Vdc

  • DURASLIDE M25 Sliding Gate Motor
  • DURASLIDE 500 Sliding Gate Motor
  • DACE DURASLIDE AC/DC Sliding Gate Motor
  • DACE COMPACT 500 Sliding Gate Motor

It is important that a reliable, good quality motor is used, and that spares and parts readily available.

Other factors to consider are battery backup, speed, safety and convenience during a power failure.